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Grow the Future

With Breakthrough Innovations In Programmable Biology


Driven by the desire to do good, help people and improve the world


World-class, global and highly impactful; business utilising novel tissue engineering  technologies towards transforming and improving human health and animal welfare

Corporate Approach

Integrating credible technology, scientific research and grounded analysis, we establish practical short-term goals and strategies. These set the stage for an ambitious, achievable long-term vision that extends organically from our initial plans

Corporate Culture

At Retagen, our corporate culture is the heartbeat of our organisation. It drives us to achieve our visionary goals and transforms the world through the power of tissue engineering technologies

First Product

Brain & Heart Tissue Models: cutting-edge tools for drug testing, research and development. A vital asset in advancing medical knowledge.


The ultimate goal of tissue engineering is to develop and translate advanced cellular technology to restore and/or enhance tissue function 


The company is most advanced in the development of human heart and brain tissue models with applications for the pharmaceutical assays/testing industry.

Paul J.F O'Brien


Boris J. Tsimerinov


Boris Nevelev

Legal Counsel Barrister & Solicitor

Mike Stuart

​ Bujin Guo​ Advisor​ Patents​ ​ ​

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Corporate Office:- Toronto, Ontario
Lab Space:- Guelph, Ontario.

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