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Ready-to-ship engineered human and animal tissue products, for pharma research & testing to help global labs effectively insource their tissue engineering needs.

Benefit of Retagen's Technology

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Retagen’s technology adapts to diverse cell types, negating the need for separate solutions. This fosters innovation and widens applicability, accelerating progress in various fields.

Retagen’s high throughput tissues expedite research, prioritizing tissue health results in mirroring natural conditions, enhancing translatability.

Tissue production scales effortlessly, providing storable and shippable tissues to customers. Technology is adaptable in diverse applications like tissue engineering and drug testing. This adaptability empowers efficient exploration and innovation.

Retagen’s unique strengths lie in its high throughput capabilities, tissue complexity, scalability and flexible use of various cell types. It’s solutions offer adaptability, setting the stage for impactful and versatile advancements in bioengineering and research. 

The Innovation


Retagen’s approach centres on simplifying intricate processes, making them more accessible and efficient. This streamlining accelerates research and development, leading to quicker breakthroughs.


By creating versatile solutions applicable across diverse scenarios, Retagen ensures broader impact. This adaptability fosters collaboration and opens doors to unexpected applications.


Retagen’s innovation introduces human-like qualities into bioengineering, replicating natural behaviors. This humanization enhances accuracy and the translation of findings into real-world applications.

Better/High-Throughput Data

Retagen’s technology produces richer high-throughput data efficiently. This data-driven approach empowers researchers with comprehensive insights, propelling discoveries and progress.

Collaborators and Partners



Corporate Office:- Toronto Ontario

Lab Space:- Guelph, Ontario.

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