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Ready-to-ship engineered human and animal tissue products, for pharma research & testing to help global labs effectively insource their tissue engineering needs.

What We Do

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  • Challenges and complexity in polymer scaffolds/3D printing manufacturing 
  • Commercial scaling issues for tissues, organoids and switchable surface growth 
  • Complexities in human translation, reliance on animal models
  • Polymer Scaffolds/3D Printing – The manufacturing of intricate scaffolds and structures through 3D printing poses technical hurdles. Achieving precise designs and appropriate materials for tissue engineering applications can be challenging, affecting the quality and functionality of engineered tissues. 
  • Scaling Issues for Organoids and Switchable Surfaces Growth – Growing complex structures like organoids and adapting switchable surfaces to larger scales is a formidable task. Ensuring consistent growth conditions and maintaining functionality while scaling up can impact the reproducibility and applicability of results. Synthesis, storage and shipping pose incredible hurdles to productizing or implementing tissues industry wide. 
  • Complexities in Human Translation, Reliance on Animal Models – Translating research findings from animal models to humans faces intricacies. Differences in biology and responses between species can lead to uncertain outcomes in clinical trials, underscoring the need for more accurate and reliable human-specific models. 

Retagen’s innovative solutions target challenges like disparate cell type approaches, suboptimal tissue health, efficient commercial scaling, humanized tissue development, and reduced adoption barriers. These efforts aim to revolutionise bioengineering, enhancing research impact and real-world applications through easy-to-adopt and shippable tissues. 

Retagen’s goal is to simplify, generalise and humanise the way tissues are provided to labs. Streamlining production of tissues for different applications, bringing economies of scale, control and opportunity for further innovation. 

Retagen’s unique strengths lie in its high throughput capabilities, tissue complexity, scalability and availability (should be something about obtaining the tissues). It’s solutions offer application adaptability setting the stage for impactful and versatile advancements in bioengineering and research. 


Therapeutics & Wound Healing Products

Artificial Meat/Protein

Tissue Engineering Platforms

Retagen’s tissue engineering platform stands at the forefront of scientific innovation. Engineered to replicate the intricate structures and functionalities of human tissues, this advanced platform offers a transformative approach to research and medical applications.

Lab & Equipment

Retagen leases its laboratory space to retain authority over its intellectual property, while also possessing ownership of its essential equipment.



Corporate Office:- Toronto Ontario

Lab Space:- Guelph, Ontario.

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