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Retagen is a programmable biology and bioengineering company focused on transformational tissue engineering platforms, proteins and cellular products​


Retagen’s approach centres on simplifying intricate processes, making them more accessible and efficient. This streamlining accelerates research and development, leading to quicker breakthroughs.


Retagen’s solutions address diverse cell types, tissue health, scaling, humanized tissue, and lower adoption barriers, aiming to revolutionize bioengineering’s impact and real-world applications.

Retagen's USP

Retagen excels with high throughput, tissue health, and scalability, providing adaptable solutions for impactful bioengineering advancements across various applications and cell types

Potential Product

Ready-to-ship engineered human and animal tissues for pharma research & testing to help labs and CROs efficiently outsource tissue engineering infrastructure

Competitive Advantage

Retagen gains a competitive edge through its ability to deliver quantifiably enhanced tissues and its scalable production capabilities, positioning it at the forefront of innovation in bioengineering.

Retagen is poised to capitalize on a substantial market opportunity by offering cutting-edge solutions in programmable biology and bioengineering, addressing critical challenges and meeting the growing demand for non-animal models. 

A successful development and launch of advanced tissue engineering platform, marking a significant leap in the field of bioengineering and positioning the company as a pioneer in innovative solutions for providing tissues as a product. 

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Corporate Office:- Toronto Ontario

Lab Space:- Guelph, Ontario.

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